Sunday, July 25, 2010

[life] TEASER. The Countdown:1990s

I have a strong dislike of the media. Especially the way they portray/ relate to celebrities. Why is it wrong to have a controversial opinion? If there was no controversy and nothing to discuss, there'd be no need to talk and our minds would go numb. The public is so unimaginably fickle, and I know it can be so destructive. If someone speaks the truth, but the truth isn't something they (meaning the magically demonic media gods) want to hear, they butcher the offender(s) ruthlessly. Sometimes verbally, other times socially, on and on. It doesn't matter how big or small of a problem you take on, anything you do is far too much. Any comments you make are punishable by article. However, if someone wants to get on the media's, and in fact, the public's, good side, the formula is not complex. Simply eject from your mind all your hopes, dreams, opinions, and desires, look into the camera, smile, and wave! It's that easy! What a wonderful world we live in, don't you think?

I vote to stop the media backlash. Get a little Scary. Until next time...   :)

[fashion] The Countdown: 2000s

Shame on me, I already know. So instead of apologizing profusely for ashifpqnopsdj, I'll just get on with it. Today begins a new segment where I decode fashions by the decade. And since my brain works that way, I'll work backwards from the 2000s.

Fashion LIKES- I like how fashion in the 2000s was so multifaceted. While there were DEFINITE trends, I feel like the people in that era put their own individual spin on it. Such things include, Japanese inspired looks (think Harajuku Girls); jeans, jeans, and more jeans, and vintage tees. I also enjoy the boho-chic look (leave the hippie attitude, however, in the 60s where it belongs), and the "grown man" hip hop look (thank you, Kanye West!). Last, but not least, leggings and Uggs.

Fashion DISLIKES- Trucker hats. People still wear them too. Can I just say, EWWWW? Honestly, that's like wearing a mailman's uniform! Please, you aren't fooling anyone. Another dislike, polo shirts. Not just a polo when you're golfing or at tennis, but a polo shirt just around town. (I must admit, I was a victim of this far too often) Also, the grimy hip-hop look is quite unattractive. Last but not least, leggings and Uggs.
NOTE: You might have (BETTER HAVE) noticed that leggings and Uggs are posted both in my fashion likes and dislikes. That is because both are bittersweet items for me. Yes, Uggs are ridiculously comfy and leggings are too, but NO, Uggs are not, never have been, and never will be fashionable. And leggings are not pants (shocking, but true).

Favorite outfits of the decade:

In conclusion, 2000s fashion was interesting, and most of all, it was a perfect rise to what I hope to be the fashion climax of 2010s :)

In the words of Prince,
Peace and b wild!

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

[life] Rites of Passage

Everybody deserves to burn a report card once in their lifetime. But it's arguably easier to get good grades in the first place. Here's to a room smelling of smoke and secrets, we can all toast to a lesson learned.

Monday, July 5, 2010

[me] ABCs Of My Life

Post- my mental breakdown, i've decided a few stances (is that the right word?) I've taken on my life. a) I'm taking the SAT in the fall b) I'm probably gonna spend most of this week doing summer homework/ trying not to go insane c) I don't want to go to college d) Since i have to go to college, i don't want to go to college in the States e) I wish I was a musician or actress so i didn't have to worry about school f) I'm afraid of the future g) I need to go on a drive to clear my head h) My hands won't stop smelling like fish and it's making me crazy i) I don't know how I'm gonna survive this school year j) I don't care about what stupid people from school are doing k) To my core, I wish I was a senior and i already graduated (and i could live through anything if magic made it) i) I wish I was living outside this country right now because m) I hate America n) I'm gonna go put on more mascara because o) Putting on makeup somehow calms me down p) I've given up on boys and summer flings q) Unless I'm on the computer, whenever I think about the future, my hands start shaking r) Fast food is so bad for you s) i'm glad i'm going to new york because i can't take virginia life for much longer t) i might buy a toe ring u) I've sorta given up on getting a summer job u) I'm kinda glad I don't have a summer job v) I need to shave before friday w) I just got a text message x) I wish I could go back to 1996 when I was 2 years old and actually appreciate how simple my life was y) I wish there wasn't such a focus on education in our society because z) That makes me really stressed/ sad.

[me] Explanation

His Name Is Prince

No words. Just videos.

FIREEEEE! Let it burn.


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Sunday, July 4, 2010

[life] Why I'm Great

Self esteem is slowly becoming the deciding factor in a kid's and/or teen's personality. If you are that unaware to ask why, then you simply need to look in a magazine, billboard, or music to discover your answer. Although I am a diehard fan of Vogue and Teen Vogue, I wonder what effect these beauty and style sections have on girls (or boys) who don't have an exceptionally high confidence. And don't even get me started on the ads. Is it any wonder that even the models nowadays are pressured to go from size 2 to a size 0 just to book jobs? Are you suprised that kids are feeling pressured, not just by their friends, but by the world around them to do dangerous and risque things? This is affecting more than the latter end of Generation Y, this is affecting all of us. Why is it that many ads I watch on TV geared towards the Baby Boomer generation and beyond are either power tools (for men), skin firming/ age-reducing/ pore-minimizing cream (for women), or Depends (for both). Is this what today's advertisers think of that generation? And do said advertisers expect teenagers and young adults to look like models from Abercrombie & Fitch, talk like either Roscoe Dash or a kid from High School Musical, and act like the characters on Degrassi? And why do older generations refuse to call radio songs "real music" (besides the fact that they grew up on a different sound)? Are females only trophies or worth the sex? And does every new rap artist have to be introduced by either a dance or clever lyrics about their salaries (when I know good and well those artists aren't making enough money for a toilet to shit in, let alone to have a Porshe)? Who are we kidding?

Everybody is different, that's what makes everyone unique. No two people are exactly the same in every way, and that makes us special. These are the cliches we are taught by our parents until about the age of 5. Then we get into school where the pushiest people get to be first in line for snack or the whiniest kids get special attention from the teacher. I am not questioning why this happens, I'm dealing with the fact that life isn't fair. And it isn't fair that advertising and society get to tell us who to be. The saddest part of it all is that too many young people swallow that like it's the truth and become the same robots who are directing them to do it. The cycle continues because people don't unite to reject it.

So now to why I'm great. To be succinct, I am great because I am me. I am unapologetic about my successes or failures because they make me who I am. I don't regret. I adamantly oppose a majority of things that occur where I live simply because I feel like it.  I am great when I'm happy, sad, angry, or all of the above. You could be too, if you believed in who you are, and not who people tell you to be. Because what do they know about anything, anyway?

Peace and be wild! Love, Camille