Saturday, December 25, 2010

[life] Madness

Here's to the Christmas crazy (and containing it as much as possible!).

Merry Christmas to the internet lovelies and the nasty trolls along for the ride :)


Sunday, December 12, 2010

[fashion] What To Wear To The Joint Tonight?

Gots to show some leg when you wanna rock the pumps.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

[life] Brandy

Have you ever looked at a picture of someone and arguably feel more embarrassed for them than they do for themselves (if they do at all...)?

Have you ever seen someone do or say something that you knew would get them into trouble but you couldn't stop them fast enough?

Have you ever heard someone say something so unexplainably ludicrous that you were torn between laughing until you lost your voice and shaking your head until it rolled off your shoulders?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, congratulations! You're just one step closer to taking over my life. You'll never quite get there, but you can try.

(Zoinks would be an appropriate response to that assumption.)

No fretting necessary. We're just taking a lovely stroll down Avenue U.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

[fashion] Gray

"[when responding to several physical pokes] Don't! Stop! I'm easily bruised and I have weak muscles..."

Are these really "in" right now? I, for one, am shocked. And just when I thought Americans hated any/everything from the Middle East (excluding oil of course...). I should've known. Fashion transcends.

Break the mold.
Love (foroneanother), Camille :)

And for those who sip the Purple Kool-Aid, color your life.

[life] J M L H.

Tell all my mourners
To mourn in red
Cause there ain't no sense
In my being dead.



And so begins the earliest stages of my Christmas wishes. Some of these may seem unreasonable, but let's face it, I'm an unreasonable child. On with it, then!

Let's start off with the shoes.
I need these shoes. I need these very badly.

Utility purpose. Who doesn't love Docs?


Uggs are fun and winter-y cute!

Now hair:

You know how I feel about a full set :)

For those days when I just need a break from hair madness.

Winter Clothes:

These sweaters in every color.

And the cherry on top...

A girl can dream right? 



Thursday, November 25, 2010

[me] Prince Be Damned.

I am currently tracking Lovesexy. All 45 minutes, 3 seconds, and 9 songs. It's gonna be a [long] night.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[music] Blooger

I just can't stay away!

"[For] Any male friend of mine who claims I must be gay because I listen to Prince, I simply keep kissing them until they agree that I'm not gay at all."

Boy Simon.


[music/me] Death By Umbrella

^^that was an MJ reference. Now you know!

These are a few of my favorite things...for now at least.

F**k You- Cee Lo Green

Crystal Ball - O ( + >
Acknowledge Me
Love Sign Remix
So Dark
Interactive (are you ready?!)
Da Bang
Calhoun Square
What's My Name (nothing stays the same anyway...)
Days of Wild
She Gave Her Angels

The Truth- O ( + >
Don't Play Me
Circle Of Amour
Animal Kingdom (no member of the animal kingdom ever did a thing to me)
One Of Your Tears

Arrogance- Prince & The New Power Generation
The Flow (ask what I'm kickin, I'm kickin the flow)

Chaos and Disorder- O ( + >
I Rock, Therefore I Am (if the whole world buys your Bus Stop, I don't care :))

And because I am a shoe/clothes horse...

I'm getting these. FOR SURE. And as for the cole slaw, horse shoes my (use your imagination)!

Both colors. Don't act like you don't know.

And what's the point of great shoes without documentation?

Since my SONY had an unfortunate run in with the shallow end of a swimming pool...

"Women who don't wear perfume have no future." -Chanel

Word is law.

I'm a fanciful character. Until next time,

Ask what I'm kickin? I'm kickin the flow.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

[life] It Gets Better

Your life is not yours to take. We belong with you, and you belong with us.

Be who you are. Nobody who actually matters desires anything else.

With love (and acceptance),

Thursday, November 4, 2010

[fashion/music/life] Love & War

I love you. I hate you. Oh wait I love you again. Teenage relationships at their best. Maybe I've become cynical, but I am far too sick of this to pretend. Honestly. Last month, weren't you two broken up? Thought so. I distinctly remember the hate you spewed for him/her about how he/she was so wrong to you and you despise them and blah blah blah. I might have felt bad for you......... for a few minutes. But I know you'd be back together. Or at least find someone new. Maybe it's a little different on the inside, but I'll speak for the onlookers when I say you make us puke :) Talk about strange relationships.....pause. Did somebody say Prince? 

Don't get me wrong, love is wonderful. REAL love, that is. Not teenage (or adult, for that matter) infatuation. If you are only attracted to someone because of what they can do FOR you, that's not love. So don't misuse the word, you're making us look bad! What is love? I'll tell you!

 (So, for those who are blatantly unaware of that segue, school's in session)

Love: there are 2 working definitions in my book. #1: To love. To love is to like with a greater conviction. For example, I may like dogs, but I love puppies. (Explanation: I like dogs to a lesser degree than I like puppies) Got it? Moving on. #2: To BE IN love. To be in love is to be in like with that greater conviction. But let's break it down even further. a) To be in love is to accept. You can't be in love with somebody if you don't accept them, and you can't be in love until you accept yourself. b) To be in love is to cherish. I can love puppies, but I'm not in love with them. I don't cherish puppies the way I cherish _____. c) To be in love is to compromise. If you are willing to become or do anything a person wants you to, you cannot be in love. They are not in love with you enough to let you free and you don't love yourself enough to draw the line. You can't let somebody who supposedly loves you infringe upon your "love rights". (Yes, I'm making up words. Don't be slow. Keep up.)

With that said, I can't determine whether or not after a month of dating the stranger you walk by in the street, you two are in love. And it's not for me to say. But be leery. Don't fall in love so fast that you can't see anything else. Before you let heart fall into love with someone, make sure you know yourself enough to set limits.

End scene.

And in fashion news:

Don't be alarmed, it's the love machine! It has come to show the way.

Peace and be wild.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

[fashion] My Way

Who am I? Where are you? Do you have the time?

Monday, September 27, 2010

[me] Gotta Love The ORG

I remember back when I used to take bubble baths with my pants on. Then one day, as I reached over for my fruit cocktail, I accidentally bumped the radio & it fell into the water. Later, when the police found me and resuscitated me, my pants and the radio were still on. The radio, which, suprisingly enough, was still working, was playing Joni singing "Help me, I'm think I'm falling", so they had come to the conclusion that I had tried to off myself. I laughed & tried in vain to explain to 'em that they had it all wrong. The only reason I still had my pants on was 'cuz I was kinda seeing someone & the main reason for the fruit cocktail was because I wasn't too hungry.

After a minute or two of awkward silence, they pushed me back into the tub & threw the radio back in again. 

The Illustrator.

[life] Media Mix

Been a while, eh dolls? Ah well. I look to the future and so should you. I could talk about my life or my epiphanies or new music, but why not do it all? I THINK YES.

Busy. Wild. Silly. Boring. Fun. Sucky.  Next question? :)

Business and friendship are 2 different entities. You can't buy fuel on friendship credit, honey!

Color is beautiful.

Say what you mean. Or say nothing.


SIGN. O. THE. TIMES. More detail? Sure.

"The Cross"-- Black days, stormy nights.
"Slow Love"-- The man in the moon is smiling, for he knows what I'm dreaming of...
"The Ballad of Dorothy Parker." -- Wanna take a bath?
"It."-- I gotta tell ya what you mean to me, alright!
"Housequake."-- What was that? Aftershock.
"Play in the Sunshine."-- We're gonna teach that love'll make him tall!

Madness. Radness. And all in between.
Nuggets of information. "I HAVE TO HAVE THE TREE!"
~ Cams

Sunday, September 12, 2010

[music] Off Base

This used to be a sad post, but after contemplating it for a day, I realized that in this case, sadness isn't worth it. The songs remain unchanged however, they still help me reminisce on old times. But the past is the past, and I only look ahead. So when you're in a sombre mood, light a few candles, listen to the rain (because this is the PERFECT rainy day playlist), and jam with me.

12. Everytime- Janet Jackson

11. Mellow- Prince

21. Toxic- Yael Naim

10. Flaws and All- Beyonce

15. Sometimes It Snows In April- Prince

9. Don't Let Go (Love)- En Vogue

9. How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore- Prince

8. Somebody's Somebody- O ( + >

7. God Was In the Water- Bonnie Raitt

6. Where'd You Go- Destiny's Child

4. Dreaming With a Broken Heart- John Mayer

28. Officially Missing You- Tamia

5. Who's Gonna Save My Soul- Gnarls Barkley

4. Funny Girl- Barbra Streisand

3. Blame It On Me- Chrisette Michele

12. Maybe Your Baby- Stevie Wonder

3. I'm Going Down- Mary J. Blige

2. I Hate U- O ( + >

5. Good Morning, Heartache- Billie Holiday

0. It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday- Boyz II Men

-7. Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer- Stevie Wonder

"If you set your mind free, baby, maybe you'd understand."

Real love never leaves. Real love never dies.
:) Camille