Sunday, April 25, 2010

[life] Open Your Eyes

Before I forget, my mom dropped some serious knowledge on me today. She was passionately yelling and that usually inclines me to tune her out, but I actually listened and here's the gist of what she said:

"You've got to be able to be one way in front of the people who are watching you and then switch it up and do it the right way when they aren't looking anymore. You've got to be versatile. You've gotta know how to play the game."

And I'm learning. I'm sure mothers everywhere have given nuggets like this here and there. So here's to listening to Mommy once in a while!

[fashion] Quite Stunning Actually

As I was perusing the hallways of the internet at this inspirational hour, I decided to explore the door of Lady Gaga's photo shoot pictures and I stumbled upon this picture:
Not to tell you what to think, but Gaga is WORKING this dress. And she holds her own (waist) next to a size 0, 6-foot-something model too, might I add. And this picture had me thinking, Balmain is kind of vicious at appeasing the tough edgy exterior in people.

What?!?! A Michael Jackson picture?!?! The gods must be crazy. Alright moving on. :) Doesn't the shirt look like someone's rib cage? I'm telling you, if you seperated the ribs and laid them out flat, they'd be identical (sort of).

Anyway, I just wanted to let that simmer as you continue with your life. Since posting Googled pictures on a blog with some commentary is my life, I'll add a few more!

PS- To justify the previous mention of MJ earlier, I'd like to add that this jacket (and others of previous collections) are very Michael Jackson 1984 classic Thriller-inspired. 20 points for the girl up past 12:30 to write about this!

Note to reader: This post began as a photo tribute to Lady Gaga, complete with photo dijour. Since it morphed into another rant, I'll try to remember to include it another time (hopefully I can work it into something else). Until next time, [insert appropriate closing quote here]


Thursday, April 22, 2010

[me] I Would Drop Out If I Thought It'd Make Things Better

A week has (almost) passed, and I'm this much closer to beloved summer vacation. I have toiled through this school year in more ways than one, and to quote a friend from school, I'm just "over it." Over the drama, over the frustration, over the lectures and note-taking and tests, and over over all the stupid stressful grades I work to maintain every quarter. And for what? So I can throw it all away to start over in college, so I can throw it all away to actually apply it to my life? When in LIFE will I need to know how to calculate specific heat and what time period the Gupta Empire began? Why do the "they"s of today shove all this information down my throat when I clearly don't want to be fed! And this brings me to my title. In a way, I should drop out of school. I should run away from it all and live carefree. But I can't. Because today's world demands bucketloads of education just to function. And WHY? I don't know either! It's not like I need to know calculus to determine the tip at a restaurant or the complete timeline of world history to guess where my ancestors came from (and don't shake your head at my typical argument because we both know it's the truth). I wish I could tell someone this, and I wish someone cared. So I go through the motions, quietly abhorring everything I'm doing. Because I don't have the guts to walk away from all this and I refuse  to suck it up. I dance in between on a very fine line and I dance all my problems away.

Andddd, I am no engineer. I am no doctor. I don't like metal and I don't like blood. I like to describe the emotions I'm feeling and I've become good at that. I can't and won't be what I'm not and if you don't like it, I laugh at you. Because I may be confused sometimes but I know what I'm not.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

[fashion] Down and Dirty

A must read. The perfect balance of wit, information, explanations, and depictions. If you haven't gotten this book, do. Grab her other titles while you're at it. And people say reading isn't fun...

"And now, I'm just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time. " ~Lady Gaga

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[fashion] Strike a Pose

And Gisele Bundchen surely did, especially in that Bottega Veneta jumpsuit. Reminds me of a certain dancer friend of mine actually. While we're on the topic of Vogue, I loved last month's interview with Tina Fey. Made me laugh quite a few times. And the article about facelifts and laser procedures was eerie. Spoken like a true teenager, with the best and most natural skin money can buy, for now. But I digress. That's about it, since i haven't finished reading this month's magazine interview yet. These were just my mid-magazine thoughts. Thank you. Carry on.

Friday, April 9, 2010

[me] Update!

I desperately need a camo green military jacket. I'm pretty sure it should be a national emergency. And more than the fact that i need to buy one, I need to find one that looks the way the one in my head does. Yes, I imagine what I want before I see it. Yes, that makes me pretty hard to shop for. No, I don't care. I love to find what I'm looking for, and I love when it is everything I ever dreamed of.
Back to the point. In case you weren't aware, military jackets are a huge spring trend. You might have seen some in stores like American Eagle or in the Victoria's Secret catalogue (they actually have really good clothes!). And while following trends is SUPER boring, I know I'll have it beyond this. I'm just hoping that if I find one, I will be bold enough to wear it the way I want and not chicken out and get safe with it. I'm amping up my wardrobe FYI.

In other news, I haven't left a quote in a while. I have quite a collection to share, but I think this one fits:

"In dreams and in life, nothing is impossible."

So I guess I'll find my green jacket after all :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

[fashion] No Words.

Honestly, I'm so obsessed with Chanel Iman it's ridiculous. I love her height and her face and I love that she's doing so well right now. And her style. But maybe it's a model thing. Either way, too cool to explain. I'm SPEECHLESS. In a good way. :)

And as for this picture, I love how its a classier version of Miley Cyrus' Vanity Fair cover from months and months ago. With that said, I solemnly promise never to mention Miley Cyrus again. Don't mean to hate, but I'll hate anyway.

And this picture too! This one reminds me of some music video within the Master of Disguise DVD. Remember that movie? Haha I'm dating myself, I'll stop. But if you are familiar with it, you know I'm spot on.

In conclusion, love Chanel Iman as much as I do. Then you and I can become best friends and won't that be grand!

Monday, April 5, 2010

[me] This Poster Can Make You Happier Than Any Other On The Subway

And now, for your viewing pleasure...New York pictures! After this I might very well stop posting about my life altogether, or at least for the most part. But enjoy them while they last! I have more, but that's for another time. Or later today, if I feel like it. :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

[me] Back To The Motherland

Seriously, I have NO internet where I'm staying (in New York!). I don't know what it is, but it isn't working. So yes, I have succumbed to whipping out my laptop in Starbucks and the Apple store (where I am now) to a) check facebook, email, etc. b) update this crazy little blog c) shop online (I must AT LEAST once a day) d) wreak all sorts of other internet havoc. While I whipped out my laptop in the wonderful Genius Bar, I did manage to snap a few pictures, but that won't be displayed here because NEWSFLASH! I don't have internet where I'm staying and I forgot to bring my camera cord plugin contraption. But I have been taking them, so they'll appear in a bit. And I'd love to tell you about the countless number of dogs I've seen since I arrived yesterday or the many many smells of New York or how every cab I've been in in the past 24 hours has had a crazy cab driver & an atrocious smell, BUT Mom's rolling her eyes and talking on the phone so I think that means it's time to go :) Until next time!

Friday, April 2, 2010

[me] Why I Love New York

And not the reality TV character either. I'm talking the real thing. Blinding lights and honking cars, the city that never sleeps. I hope to take a few amazing pictures to share, the show off the photography skills I learned in a book (and hopefully by writing it down I'll remember to actually do it). But until then, I give you a favorite quote of mine (and yes I made it up):

"Life is about adventure, or the lack of it. You can spend your whole life hiding and no one will seek you, but if you want to really live for something and have a little fun, you've got to get out there and take chances. Do anything. Do SOMETHING. Just be you."

[me] Hello World!

Typical title right? Well it's the truth. And I've been told (and believe) that when you don't know what to say, be honest. Or don't say anything. Which sometimes works, but on a get the picture. I don't know what this blog will become, I'm no soothsayer (soothsayer- cool word). And although I slightly promised that Michael Jackson would not be the topic of my blog, he might come up once in a while. And get used to the idea, because Michael Jackson is cool. IS. I don't believe in past tense for people who've died, but we can get into all my lovable quirks later. Wow I'm talking about Michael Jackson already? What an introduction. Forget it. I'll just start over. Hey how's life? My name's Camille :)