Monday, May 24, 2010

[fashion] Love, Love, LOVE!

If you can't already tell, I am IN LOVE with Teen Vogue, especially their articles. I feel like every month, they tackle a big and prominent issue among teen girls (and boys too) and give me a new perspective on it. Last month (April 2010), they wrote the article "Ego Trip" about how Facebook creates a sense of narcissism ever-present in my generation. Off the bat, I could think of 50 names that related to, me included. It made me want to change my activities on there because honestly, who really cares about what I had for breakfast or who I got mad at during lunch? So now to this issue. The story here is called "Burn Notice", and it explains the many dangers of tanning. Despite my chocolate complexion, I don't understand what is so appealing about getting a tan. Not only does this article confirm what I already knew to be true about this devastating act called tanning, but it gives me ammunition to fight the monster that is tanning until I see its destruction. And I've only read the first paragraph!  Ah well, to all you Teen Vogue subscribers (which should be everyone subscribed to Seventeen and then some), happy reading! Until next time

Sunday, May 23, 2010

[life] I Get The Green Horn

This post will be an assortment of everything running through my brain right now. Bear with me!

FASHION: Flats are going to be "in" this summer. Whoop-de-doo. Besides the fact that I clearly don't believe in flats, here's the true kicker: the new heels for the season are going to be about an inch tall. So instead of looking like an Oompa-Loompa, you can look like one who is one inch taller. Blah about trends. Here's my point. After looking at my proposed summer wardrobe (look below if you haven't seen it), very few, if any, spring/summer 2010 trends are on there. And why? Do I have the audacity to fight against the fashions dictated to me by Seventeen? ( advice...nuff said.) Yes, actually I do. And you should too. Trends come and go, but style is eternal (adaptation of a Chanel quote). If floral prints make you look like a fool, then please save the world the prospect of an eyesore and don't wear them! Wear what makes you feel good, do what makes you happy, and fight the new normal you find in this month's Vogue.

ME: It's way to hot to only be May. Honestly? And it doesn't help that my room is basically an oven in which i cook everyday from 3-10PM. I can't take this anymore! It's times like these I'd like to move to Alaska (insert Sarah Palin joke here).


QUOTE: "I'm just like anyone. I cut and I bleed. And I embarass easily" ~Michael Jackson

CONFESSION: I still do a Google search about Michael Jackson news everyday.

IN THE FUTURE: I am working with a group of girls and creating a magazine! I must admit I'm working them like dogs, mainly because I don't want some half-assed effort on a fake magazine. And especially since this is fun for me, I don't want it to be a mess. Lady Gaga is on the cover (suprised it isn't Michael? WELL TOO BAD), and we have worked really hard to make it the best one in the class (we're trying to annihilate another group...but that's enough of that) so after we work our butts off I'll be sure to upload every page I can so you can ooh and aah at it as much as I do :)

MORE FASHION: I almost forgot what I wanted to say here but congrats to me I remembered! I officially want (what's new here...) 3 pairs of Doc Martens, partly because no one in my orbit has any that I've seen, but mostly because they are some really crazy boots. I was inspired by a picture similar to the one attached below, The Clash circa whenever

FRIENDS (like you care) : I have just one thing to say in this category. I took a picture of a friend recently, telling her I'd use it for an application. Turns out, I couldn't (didn't have the time to go to Kinko's/print a copy) so I will do the picture justice by posting it here. Unless, of course, she'd want me to take it down (which I don't know why she would because blogs aren't so different from Facebook, but still)

Ode to the Button Downs-
Worker's tee shirt, you're the best
the end.

(fabulous poem, yes, I know)

Ok it's late, I'm tired, and should really be done. Sweet dreams, internet-creatures!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

[fashion] Quick! Quick!

I am in a ginormous rush, but I must say this before I forget. Dior has an ad/mini movie to promote something or other titled, Lady Blue Shanghai (I think). Afre watching half of it, I was much too confused to push forward. I know I'm the opposing opinion, but what was it about? What was the purpose? The woman (main character?) walks through a hotel just to get to her room, where she finds a smoking (as in actually smoking) navy blue Dior handbag. She becomes alarmed and phones the concierge to assist her. They come and question her. That's where I stopped. The whole thing was just a mess, but I might just watch the rest of it to give a full review. Until next time!

Monday, May 10, 2010

[life] God, Help Me Not Fail!

Been a minute, I know I know! And while there are a billion things I could produce as a reason for my absence, there is no excuse (because hey, it's my life). So I can just apologize. Summer's coming soon, then these posts will be more frequent (knock on wood!) Since I don't have much time and sleep is of the essence, I'll give you a brief synopsis of all the things I've been storing up in my mind

- List of Spring/Summer Wardrobe 2010 things to wear: maxi dresses, printed cardigans, sandals (DV by Dolce Vita), black converses (dirty, they look better that way!), black/brown/white sunglasses, mix & match bikini pairs (Victoria's Secret/PINK), floral print leggings (NEED), blazers, twill/cotton shorts, wedges/heels, big but simple purses (designer?), chic silver jewelry.

- List of Spring/Summer Wardrobe 2010 things to avoid: denim shorts, printed shorts, jackets over tank tops, logo tees (although I wore one today, I was in a rush!), wristlets, baggy pants, sweatpants, etc.

-Books to Read: Antigone, Crime and Punishment, Classy (Derek Blasberg), Hungry (Crystal Renn), The One Hundred (Nina Ricci)

- College sweatshirts for winter/rainy summer days: Rehobeth (sp?) Beach, New York City (getting this one very soon!), Mizzou, Yale, Myrtle Beach

- Things to Do: get a job, work at said job, be efficient at said job, smile

What can I say after that? This is my life, in no uncertain terms. Like it or leave it!

Oh and ps- I've made a vow recently to establish my opinion of myself as the only one that matters. It's liberating and unrestricting and oodles of fun :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

[me] What Do You Want In Life?

I really wish school would leave me alone...

In other news, if you haven't noticed, I'm still trying to gain my footing in the style and genre of this blog. If you've been reading and feel bombarded by a plethora of information, I completely understand how you feel. For those who need an explanation about it, here you go:

I made this blog to explore a career opportunity. That's about 50% of it. I also made it because I write a lot anyway, but I wanted to apply this candid and honest approach to a different type of writing. I made this to take initiative and control of my life, and to let out what I've always wanted to say to the world (but couldn't find the words). Well, I've found them. And yes, I do plan to talk more about fashion, but I need to talk about my life too, to clear my head. I'm actually not the most chatty person at heart, although I can fake it. I feel that by letting out how I feel into cyberspace, I can better explain it to my parents and friends. And I've realized that I need to open these lines of communication more, because as much as I try to fight it, I don't want to be alone in a crowd.

Alright. Well, I told you that I write so I suppose the only fair thing to do would be to show you some of it. Unfortunately, the joke's on you, because you can't count on life to be fair (you expected that didn't you?) Since I'm clearly too timid to give you a window into my soul just yet, I'll hand you the window to someone else's (I won't dash your hopes by stating the author :) )

The Elusive Shadow-
"Even tho I traveled far
The door to my soul stayed ajar
In the agony of mortal fear
Your music I did not hear
Thru twisting roads in memory lane
I bore my cross in pain

It was a journey of madness
Of anguish born in sadness
I wandered high and low
Recoiled form every blow
Looking for that stolen nectar
In my heart that long-lost scepter
In all those haunted faces
I searched for my oasis

In a way it was in a drunken craze
A cruel hysteria, a blurry haze
Many a time I tried to break
This shadow following me I could not shake
Many a time in the noisy crowd
In the hustle and bustle of the din so loud
I peered behind to see its trace
I could not lose it in any place

It was only when I broke all ties
After the stillness of the shrieking cries
In the depths of those heaving sighs
The imagined sorrow of the thousand lies
I suddenly stared in your fiery eyes
All at once I found my goal
The elusive shadow was my soul."
~Michael Jackson: Dancing the Dream

Whenever I feel lost, I think of this. You should too.