Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[last post] See You On The Flip Side!

My new blog is UP AND RUNNING! Go check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't you tell how excited I am? As they say, all good things never last, so I regretfully say au revoir to my readers here. That's right, this is my last post :(

But not to fear! The only thing to change is the domain name (you don't even have to pay me! cough cough Netflix) so expect all the fabulousness from this blog, except better. Yep, #senior status.

Haha, see you all there!

Peace and be wild,

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[me] Discrepancy?

So in case you haven't already noticed, my blog name has gone through quite a few changes over the year and some change that I've had it. (For the slower readers among us, here's the quick version: my blog title is was "The Reason Is Camille..." but the URL is "No MJ Here". I've become acquainted to "TRIC" and I like that name, so I'd really prefer to stick to that. Essentially, that means that in the coming months, you won't see as much of me here, as I'll be working on my new blog. Just for you guys, I'll include the link of my new blog in my last post here. Change is good, and I'm excited!

Sleep well, clones.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

[music] Crucial

Today is Prince's birthday. Actually (according to him), on this day in 1958. So here's to it! I'm gonna spend the rest of this day like I would any other day, discovering new music!

It's no cake, but it sure is sweet!

That wasn't corny. You just didn't understand it's depth :)


Friday, June 3, 2011

[fashion] The Blue Period

The title is more ironic than I would dare explain. I did plan this outfit, last night....but it seems to match so perfectly that it was probably my destiny. I have 5 days left of school, and as shown by the picture above, I'm basically losing my mind. Everything is so close, and yet so far away. Is it any wonder that it leaves a girl feeling blue?
Gray shirt by Nordstrom. Shorts by Topshop. Scarf by Target. Wedge Flip Flops by Colin Stuart for VS (out of frame).

I've got a secret, but for now I'm gonna keep it.

Have a fantastic weekend!

PS- Like my couture hunch? I've been practicing just for you :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

[fashion] You Got Me

Honestly, I have no words. Beyond the fact that Erykah Badu's hair is fabulous, LOOK AT HER FACE. No, really, look at it!!!! She inspires me. I wish I could carry these pictures around with me for the rest of my life. THIS IS STYLE!!!! THIS IS SOPHISTICATION!!!! THIS IS FASHION!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing left to be said.


[fashion] Slammin'!

^^That's what a girl called my outfit today. At least, that's what I heard in my head :)

So this description will be quick because it barely came from my head at all. This outfit was a fulfillment of a request to wear black with red accents, so here's what I came up with after half an hour of scouring my closet. I got a lot of compliments for it today, so here's to breaking the rules every once in a while!

Black dress by Forever 21. Red glasses from H&M. Lita Heels by Jeffery Campbell from Solestruck. Red belt from Momma.

Camille The Great

PS- 1. I have one more week of school left!!!!
2. I haven't followed my outfit plans for the past 2 days GASP.
3. I just might become an exercise freak in the next month
4. At night, I pray that I will never leave home without my chapstick.
5. And yes, I'm starving right now.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

[fashion] Hale Yes!

Thank GOD I didn't trash this issue of 17 magazine like I'd been doing for the past few months (why don't I just unsubscribe? I don't know either!). Lucy Hale was on the cover, and it was just further proof for me that 17's mission is to make their cover girls look as grimy as possible to try to make self-conscious preteens  more comfortable with their bodies, and to try to dispel the myth that celebrities are always attractive. Blegh. See why I've lost interest? Well, after looking through Lucy's other pictures from the shoot, I will concede to my friend who has been maintaining for months that Lucy Hale is gorgeous. I just couldn't see it. Yesterday, I saw it. I'll include the pictures from the shoot that I liked, along with snappy comments about each. Snappy comments is what I do. Get used to it.

This is a good picture. Her skin looks luminous, but not ridiculously tan (pale people as a whole have succumbed to the false idea that they MUST be tan in the summer, and that during the winter, when their tans fade, they look like ghosts. Pish posh.), and the feather earring gives me fond memories of Prince circa 1987. Good deal, good deal. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE COVER. THE PICTURE AND SUBSEQUENT EDITING OF THE  ACTUAL COVER PICTURE IS A DISGRACE.

I love this shot. It's playful and youthful, but the 17 stylists/makeup artists didn't attempt to make her look like a 14-year old experimenting with fashion for the very first time in her life. Applause is due.

"When the elevator tries to break you down, go crazy." The lipstick actually compliments the shirt (which is more than I can say for the picture above this one, cough cough) and the styling is yet again understated. The fact that 17 had 2 great pictures of the person they were featuring is truly remarkable. Next time, will they shoot for 3? Let's not be unrealistic.

So it turns out that she's cute. And she has pretty hair. I finally admit it, happy now?

Don't get used to this sort of thing. I'm not wrong often.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[fashion] Kicks & Giggles

I've got 16 days left in school, so of course I'm back to planning outfits! I woke up Monday morning and thought, "I really don't care anymore." Seriously! Just because Mondays' outfit was a doggone shame (and trust me when I say that it was), doesn't mean I have to sink into the pit of fashion-no's. I've planned every outfit until the end of school, so now I just have to read that in the morning, which really simplifies my morning routine. Plus, it didn't hurt that I got 8 hours and 15 minutes of sleep last night (not on purpose!) and woke up this morning feeling truly rejuvenated. I haven't felt rejuvenated since December, and that's a fact. After the workload I've had this year, I deserve to wind down. Raise your glasses, get ready for summer!
T-shirt by Victoria's Secret PINK. Twill shorts by H&M. Sandals by Blowfish from Threadsence.

My name is Camille, and this is my life.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[fashion] The Pinnacle

" like a second cousin to class." ~ O(+>

Some people go to bed at night and dream about sex. I dream about handbags! One day (soon), I'll be able to post fantastic pictures of these bags as I carry them out of the store, but for now, I'll rely on the pictures of others. Here's the most comprehensive list I can drum up before an AP test in the morning. These are: Classic Handbags---

1. Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Damier

It would practically be a sin to make a classic handbag list and not mention the LV Speedy. To be honest, I much rather prefer the Damier print to the Classic Monogram, it's infinitely more chic and reads less like a billboard. It comes in brown and white, and retails around $700. Money well spent, if ever you could.

2. Hermes Birkin 

So chic, it's actually painful. This bag comes in a large assortment of colors and materials, so pick to suit your lifestyle. I'd probably end up getting it in a light gray, if not forest green. Unless you've got the cash flow for one in every color (and when a bag retails at $9000+, that excludes quite a few of us), I suggest getting it in a neutral (but NOT black or white...too boring!)

3. Balenciaga City

I love the City bag. Love love love love love it. This is the bag, of every bag on my list, that would be the most versatile in my wardrobe. I've had my eye on this bag for years, and have seen  my share of colors come and go. I'm pretty certain that my life changed forever when I caught a glimpse of this bag in a shimmery brown (pictures above--fantastic isn't it?) though, so that would be the first color to snag. Retailing at around $1200, I'd be saving my pennies for quite some time :)

4. Chanel 2.55

Retailing around $1500, this list wouldn't be complete without at least a nod. This bag will take you from a dressy afternoon to an evening gown with no trouble at all. I love Chanel and the things the brand stands for (Coco was darling, but Lagerfeld is impeccable), and I'd get this bag in every color imaginable, but I'd be wild and start off with orange.

5. Prada Vitello Daino

You've got options with this tote! Often, I don't like Prada, I usually find it gaudy, but this bag is classy and understated (not unlike Coach used to be). To keep it interesting, I'd get the bag in the electric blue pictured above. But at a whopping $1000 to $1700 (notice how the price of this bag is "whopping" but the Birkin's prince was not? Didja notice that? Me neither.), this bag wouldn't be my first choice.

6. Chloe Marcie Hobo

This one also might be a little more obscure, but you've got to admit that the shape and detailing are timeless. Chloe is one of those brands that stands for the ultimate mixture of feminine chic. I love this bag because I know I could wear it with any and everything in my closet. I'd get it in burgundy, just to be different. With the price standing around $1600, it's one of the bags I'd keep for a lifetime. 

7. Yves Saint Laurent Muse Tote

Who wouldn't want to have a muse? I cannot resist  a structured bag, even at $1200 to $1700. The leather and colors have me absolutely hooked. The only thing I'd love more than a bright red Muse, are some bright red Tributes. Two snaps for that!

8. Bottega Veneta Woven Hobo

I'm pretty fond of hobos, in case you couldn't tell. Coincidence? I think not. Bottega Veneta is a brand my mother hipped me to, and they've got some pretty atypical handbag options. This specific style retails for $1900, give or take, and if you ask me, I'd prefer to think pink.

9. Patent Lady Dior 

Mommy has this bag! It is so unreasonably fabulous, I can't stand it. For those who will recognize it, those keychains on the side of the bag spell Dior.  Though the bag is small, it packs quite a punch.  This bag also comes in many colors, and retails at a lovely $2700. I love it in every color, but since Mom already has tan :) so I'd get this one in white.

10. MARC by Marc Jacobs Nylon Tate

This the bag made for when the Diva in you needs her beauty sleep. When you have a hectic schedule and need to get down and dirty and have $178 (by far, the most inexpensive bag on the list!), this is the bag for you. Also, there is an unspoken age limit on these bags, so when you hit 25, you need to put this to bed. Luckily for me, I've got a couple more years left, so hoot hoot for me! Any color is fun, as long as it goes with your outfit.

Just think of me as your fashion beacon :)

[fashion] Us & Them

Just when you think the generation gap between you and your parents is closing, you find a gaping hole. No, not a hole. A canyon. Though my parents didn't approve of my outfit choice today, I sure did. And my peers agreed with me, so I strutted through the school hallways as tall as a skyscraper and wouldn't let anybody bring me down (the!). Besides, parents just don't understand.

Tan tie-up shirt and Striped shorts by Topshop. TROOPA Boots by Steve Madden (out of frame).

Too bad my stomach's empty. Ah well, onward and upward!

Monday, May 9, 2011

[me] Hot 100

This is my 100th post. After more than a year of blogging, it's about time, don't you think? Instead of being celebratory and looking back on my old posts and chronicling my favorites/ looking toward the future and coming up with ideas I want to execute, I'm going to spend the rest of this post complaining. And I don't care how you feel about it!

Things I Don't Like:
1) stomachaches
2) headaches
3) acne
4) acne showing up in places besides your face
5) when I can't buy something I want to buy
6) boogers
7) allergies
8) all types of insects and moving plants
9) pens or markers that run out of ink
10) when your joints feel stiff and you can't crack them
11) homework
12) schoolwork
13) work work
14) flab: on my stomach or wherever
15) when people tell me to do things I don't want to do
16) when I'm in the mood to do something of my own will, then someone tells me I have to do it
17) being interrupted
18) hangnails
19) chipped nail polish
20) unkempt nails, or appearance in general
21) when everyone thinks a person is attractive, but they're all completely misguided
22) when people won't let me guide them
23) apps
24) dry skin
25) closed-minded individuals
26) farts
27) dust
28) cleaning.....ironic, since I don't like dust
29) clutter, and general disorganization
30) bad news...bears
31) bacteria and germs
32) when TV shows leave you hanging at the end of the episode because they want you to watch next week's episode, when in actuality, you should be given the information you need to know because you deserve it!
33) cursing
34) immaturity
35) high can't believe it took me that long to get to this one? me either.
36) pencils that break before you want them to
37) scabs
38) people who never talk loudly enough for you to actually hear what they're saying
39) people who act too sexy
40) invisible and unrelenting irritants in my eyes
41) people who cannot concede to the opposition
42) when my nails are getting long and pretty then i touch a feather and 3 nails break
43) tattoos on people who don't look better with tattoos
44) piercings on people who don't look better with piercings
45) people who pretend they don't feel
46) when your parents don't put their credit card back on iTunes so you can no longer buy music legally
47) when people laugh at my jokes, on account of I'm so unfunny
48) loud talking
49) people who call Michael Jackson white/ call Prince gay
50) general weirdness and tom foolery

Ps- Happy 100 :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

[fashion] Big Tall Wall

^^^ This song keeps eluding me. Prince reference. Moving on...

Say hello to my fantasy life! It was legitimately the most beautiful day of the week, I couldn't resist spending a little time outside. I chatted up the trees and they have a lot to say :)
My inspiration for this outfit was Prince, ironically. Last night while I was supposed to be doing the homework I've been ignoring for weeks, but I decided to do a Google search of Prince. THE MAN IS SO PRETTY. I repeated that phrase about 10 times today, but it's just true. And I'm not the only one who feels that way: LA Weekly knows what's what.
But back to the point, this morning was such a breeze. I've had this outfit planned already, so it took no thinking at all. It wasn't raining by the time I got to school, I listened to Maxwell during class, my hair is getting longer, so today was an all-around good day!
Smile a little,

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[fashion] Child At Play

I knew that these next few weeks would be hectic and stressful, so of course, I planned ahead. Not only did I plan today's outfit, yesterday's outfit, and the day before yesterday's outfit before May started, but I have outfits for the next 3 weeks planned out precisely. I'm just that type of person.

Cardigan by Old Navy. Striped top by Topshop. Jeans by Levi's. KALLEE Boots by Steve Madden.


Talk about a killer shoe! 

Until next time,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[music] Everybody Got Their Something

My face to the sky
Dreaming about just how high
I could go and if I'll know
When I finally get there
Taking off my glasses
Sun pokes through my lashes
And somehow I know
There's a time for every star to shine

Everybody got their something
Make you smile like an itty bitty child
Everybody got their something
Everybody got their something

People keeping score
Say, "Better hurry up and get yours
Cause somebody else get your spot
Before you even dropped"
Seek and you shall find
Everything in my own sweet time
I'll take my chances
With what I believe is only mine

Busy holding on
So the roof don't fly
Keep you from moving on
So get it right
Turn the tide over
Like a love song
Like a butterfly
Believe if you hand it over
You'll come out all right

Everybody got their something
Make you smile like an itty bitty child
Everybody got their something
Everybody got their something

Illuminate the silly things
Shed some light on all that's wrong
Everybody need it sometime
Sometimes the only thing you got
Is what makes you feel like
You're something else altogether
You have everything don't need
Another reason to be something
I've been on a ride
And caught up in the landslide
I'm gonna spread my wings and fly

Everybody got their something
Everybody got their something
Make you smile like an itty bitty child
Everybody got their something
Everybody got their something

There's a time for every star...
There's a time for every star.

By Nikka Costa.

[me] Life Is Nice, Except When It's Naughty

England was a trip. Literally. I had THE MOST fabulous time on a trip that I've had in a long, long while. I can't even explain to you how much I adore Topshop now. Everytime I head up to New York, that's a must.
I also sped through Scotland, and was fortunate enough to wander around the city of Edinburg (Edinborough?) alone for 6 hours. This might sound like torture for some, but for me, it was amazing. I walked around for hours in the rain (only sucky part about this), found my way to Topshop, and bought some fabulous clothes. This is what will happen when I wear them tomorrow:
"Camille! Those [shoes, pants, shorts] are so cute!!! Where'd you get them?"
"Oh, these old things? I found these at a cute shop in Scotland."

SCOTLAND. I absolutely love the way that sounds. So unattainable, so beyond their reach. Haha, that's a bit cruel. But it's true.

I looked so tourist-y, but I took this shot with pride.

Hadrian's wall, on the very edge of England.

A "street performer" on Prince's * Street in Scotland. His face was alarmingly blue when he got up to take a break.

Walking got exhausting, so I sat down in an alley for 2 hours to people watch. Everyone was smoking but me, so when a person took a drag on their cigarette, I huffed. (It was cold enough to see your own breath). I will not be outdone.

I will end on this positive note before I start talking about how inappropriate it is for Americans to celebrate the death of anyone, no matter how cruel they were.

I adore England, and will be returning in the next few years. Until then, I have the photos :)


* You already know :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

[music] Money Don't Matter 2 Night

One more card and it's 22
Unlucky for him again
He never had respect for money, it's true
That's why he never wins
That's why he never ever has enough
To treat his lady right
He just pushes her away in a huff
And says "Money don't matter 2 night"

Money don't matter 2 night
It sure didn't matter yesterday
Just when you think you've got more than enough
That's when it all up and flies away
That's when you find out that you're better off
Making sure your soul's alright
Cuz money didn't matter yesterday
And it sure don't matter 2 night

Look, here's a cool investment
They're telling him he just can't lose
So he goes off and tries to find a partner
But all he finds are users
All he finds are snakes in every color
Every nationality and size
Seems like that only thing he can do
Is just roll his eyes, and say that

Money don't matter 2 night
It sure didn't matter yesterday
Just when you think you've got more than enough
That's when it all up and flies away
That's when you find out that you're better off
Making sure your soul's alright
Cuz money didn't matter yesterday
And it sure don't matter 2 night

Hey now, maybe we can find a good reason
To send a child off to war
So what if we're controlling all the oil
Is it worth a child dying for?
If long like is what we all live for
Then long life will come to pass
Anything is better than the picture of the child
In a cloud of gas
And you think you've got it bad

Money don't matter 2 night
It sure didn't matter yesterday
Just when you think you've got more than enough
That's when it all up and flies away
That's when you find out that you're better off
Making sure your soul's alright
Cuz money didn't matter yesterday
And it sure don't matter 2 night

By Prince & The New Power Generation.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[fashion] Rare and Intact!

She doesn't talk 2 strangers, as instructed.

[fashion] The Blues

Today's inspiration was the blues, as you can probably tell. I wake up exhausted every morning, and still manage to ignore/ repress that and get on with my day. Sometimes I swear that I have plenty of reasons to be depressed, but then I think of something hilarious that probably happened a few weeks ago and I laugh until my stomach hurts. Though it (hopefully) doesn't look like it, I came up with this outfit in about 30 seconds. My makeup however, is a different story, so no close up's this time around :) While you peruse, it's time for the best part of the day-- nap time!!!

Shirt from Forever 21. KALLEE Boots by Steve Madden. Jeans by Rock & Republic.

If I had some noodles, I'd be A-Ok.


Monday, April 11, 2011

[fashion] I Rock, Therefore I Am

The countdown has truly begun! I was back in my oh-so-familiar setting recently (aka school) and I realized, I'm nearly finished. I'm more than excited to be completely honest. I'm so ready to be done with school and move on with my actual life. Sadly, the work isn't over yet. I guess today was the day I looked back on the year and what I've completed, and looked forward to what has yet to be done. There's no need to stress (yet), I've got this.

Blazer and leggings from Nordstrom. Shirt from Forever 21. Boots by Steve Madden.

On another note, eBay bidding literally gets my heart racing. I get so confident because I think I'm winning the auction, and only when it ends do I find out that some dope on the other side of the world outbid me at the last second. Poo them.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[me] Comeback

I never left, despite what it may seem! I was always lurking (on my own blog...) and I found a couple of new ones along the way. You will feel my presence more frequently again, so sorry if you missed it!

I might start posting my pictures on here, if I ever come up with a worthy outfit (and a photographer able to capture it properly). So look forward to that, I hope that will be debuting in the near future.

I can be absent and out of my mind, so here's a token to pass the time:

My nails are currently yellow.
Until next time!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

[fashion] Be Cool

They call her Cindy C.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

[music] As If You Read My Mind

Sometimes I need to make tough decisions. Informative photos and pie charts always help me make up my mind.

Partyin' ain't easy.