Wednesday, June 30, 2010

[me] Under The Cherry Moon

Due to my recent infatuation with Prince (BLASHPHEMY! I know, shame shame.), I've discovered a few new movies to watch. And other than The First Wives Club, that's what I've been doing. This is the 3rd day in a row that I've watched the film, Under The Cherry Moon, and the 2nd time I've watched Graffiti Bridge. I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed them both (that's why I'm watching it again, DUH!). No, I have NOT watched Purple Rain yet, I'm saving that for tomorrow. So in case you were wondering what raunchy things I've been doing this summer, there it is, in plain old English. TGFN (Thank God for Netflix )!

And for a quick cultural influence, I've been watching Facebook statuses talk about going to the beach, crazed parties, and I've seen one too many post about the new Eclipse movie. This sparks the question: Who cares? Who are you talking to and who do you think is listening? (your line: "Are you really one to talk, Camille?" my line: "NOBODY ASKED YOU!") Like an eskimo, chill with all the madness.

Now peace and be wild :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

[fashion] You Made Me Ink!

"Do you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?"

That's is the gist of what I'm wondering. To tattoo or not to tattoo. I've heard quite a bit about how it inhibits you from getting office jobs, how it's just SO permament and your body is a temple blah blah blah. I'm trying to explore the truth to that. Models, for instance. Do I think that being a model with tattoos keeps you from getting work? Absolutely! In most cases, models need to be blank canvases. And no matter how important you think that butterfly on your shoulder blade is, is it really worth money? The money you could be making by a) switching to Geico and b) being tattoo free? I highly doubt it. And for office jobs, you're better off wearing a t-shirt and jeans to work than coming in with sleeve tattoos or one on your face or neck. In the scheme of things, if you absolutely must have a tattoo on your body, make it something inconspicuous and small. And don't put it on a visible part of your body, if you can't cover it with makeup or bracelets. Unless your name is Angelina Jolie, I doubt anyone will think you're classy or take you seriously if you don't look 100% professional. Because in this economy, there's too much competition for you to slip up like that. Holy crap, I sound like my mother. I guess she was right after all.

[me] Request Granted

It's a cruel world. Fashion NO.

Until next time :)

[fashion] Style and GRACE

While trolloping around the mall with my mom yesterday, we were on the lookout for some twill (or cotton) shorts. Scratch that, I was on the lookout for twill/cotton shorts, she was on the lookout for shorts that resembled a nun's uniform. Ah well, we agree to disagree. After disapproving of the ones I originally wanted from a certain Eagle establishment, we started to hunt in the not-so-obvious choices for a person of the teenage kind. After realizing that the stores for my age group will have shorts that challenge underwear and the ones for her age group will have gross Mom-clothes, we were both about ready to give up the fight. But not so fast! H&M comes to save the day, with 2 pairs of shorts that MY WHOLE FAMILY APPROVED OF (consisting of me, the self-proclaimed fashionista, my mother, the confused and weary shopper, and my father, the adamant anti-fashion warrior). I know. I'm pretty sure the heavens opened up and God smiled on me (He usually does a condemning nod). After buying the shorts and doing a very subtle victory dance, we were homeward bound, but not before my mother shared her predicament with me. Basically, she would prefer to not wear open-toed shoes in the summer (...) and wishes that there were more cute closed-toed shoes in the summer. Although I do not agree, I am the only one allowed to judge here, because hey, she's my mom :)

After this cute little anecdote, you might be wondering, "What's the point of this, Camille? Why the long story?" Well, I'm getting to that, so calm your pants. All this made me wonder, has mass fashion really gotten this bad? Why do the stores treat everyone the same? Every summer since 2007, I have had to be on the lookout for new shorts because a) I can't fit the ones of last year and b) they can't fit me. So I'm forced to go out to the mall and try to find a decent pair of shorts (rare). Last year I started to notice a pattern. Every summer, mall stores get huge supplies of itsy-bitsy underwear jean shorts that end of on the legs of my peers all too often. In low stock and few colors are bermuda jean shorts, and some stores now dare to sell the awkward in-between jean shorts for unfortunate children with parents like mine. AE dared to be different this year with a few colors of twill shorts, but, sucks for me, they were still too short. And how hard should it be to find summer-colored shoes IN THE SUMMER? Not every open-toed sandal should be worn (I know I've seen some that are borderline catastrophic), and not everyone has the feet to bare all. Why does every summer have to begin with the same stores with the same recycled and reworked merchandise from last year trying to get new customers by pretending it's a new collection? Honestly, I'm insulted. And it's also pretty sad.

"To have survived, she would have had to be either more cynical or even further from reality than she was. Instead, she was a poet on a street corner trying to recite to a crowd pulling at her clothes."
~Arthur Miller about Marilyn Monroe

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

[me] Eaten Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer is coming (or arguably, is here) which means time for friends, fun, and food. And not just food for people, but food for mosquitos too. (NOTE: This is going to get weird.) Anyways I hate mosquitos. They're dreadful. They sneak up on you and suck your blood and leave huge itchy bumps on your skin. My mosquito bite count as of today (and please note that I am RARELY outside, let alone in the sun) is 5. I have 5 freaking mosquito bites and June isn't even over yet! One on my left hand, 2 on my left elbow (one right next to the other, isn't that a joke?), one on my left ankle (that is thankfully shrinking rapidly) and one on my face. I HAVE A MOSQUITO BITE ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE. Well, more like on my hairline, but still, a monstrosity nonetheless. How does this always happen to me? And how can I make it stop?????????????????? I like the summer for many reasons (LIE: I only like summer because I get out of school),  but this makes summer a HUGE downer (and also the facts that 1. people think it's acceptable to not wear clothes in the summer, 2. the weather is always hot, sweaty, sticky, and gross, 3. I have to see fools from school everywhere I go, even at the airport or when I'm out of town, 4. I pretty much despise summer clothing...peacoats and scarves beat tank tops any day of the week, 5. I could whine about summer some more but I want to take a shower). And now that I have sufficiently complained, I bid you internet creatures adieu.

But not before I ask, do you take showers every night? I'll be the first to say that I don't. When I don't feel like it, I won't. Some might find that disgusting, but I don't mind (honestly, it's not like I care what you think :) ). Whatever your opinion, when you can run your water, take baths, and wash your car in 50 years, you'll have me to thank. Saving the world, one (skipped) shower at a time.

Alright that's it. I know you've read enough. Good night (or morning) for wherever you are!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

[fashion] Oh Me, Oh My!

Hello Kitty Doc Martens eh? And I (half) thought that Hello Kitty was out as of 1999, but I stand corrected. This merging is a funny mix, since Hello Kitty is the epitome of young, girly, and cute, and Doc Martens speak more to the rebel inside us. While I have tried successfully to avoid everything Hello Kitty since I turned 6, that will soon be over, seeing as the new partnership has breeding some fairly cool boots. And while I'd love to include a picture so you see what I'm talking about, my computer has decided to be evil so I'll attach a link instead :( Until next time...

Take A Peek!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

[life] Flashback!

So while procrastinating today, I stumbled upon an old Christina Aguilera video. And don't think I'm about to spark a "Xtina VS. Gaga" debate, because I simply don't feel like it (plus it's not like you can't find it anywhere else), but I realized, having never seen the video before, it tackles a lot of interesting issues. And I'm not going to use this to discuss my political ideology either, but take a look and judge for yourselves!


Oh, and iTunes really needs to get more Janet Jackson videos. They don't have any from the Janet album years al the way to the All for You album. That's about 10+ years of material! I, for one, would like to watch "You Want This (Color Version)" everyday for the rest of my life, but that's just me :)

With love,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

[fashion] Silver and GOLD

It's finally here! After the grading and me forgetting to ask for it back, I have official custody of our project, GOLD Magazine. Before I put up all the pages (and the fabulous ads included) I wanted to tell you a bit about the project. For our 4th quarter project, we were to link up with 2-3 other students and create a magazine, complete with at least 4 ads (made by us, pictures from Google), 5 articles, a table of contents, and all other trappings that belong in magazines. As previously mentioned, I worked my group to the bone about it, and it paid off! We were all very excited about it and without further ado, the first issue of GOLD Magazine!

HELPFUL REMINDER: The names of everyone (but me and Oprah Winfrey, who,of course, was glad to help us out on this project) have been changed to protect identity. And the email addresses aren't real, but you can try sending something if you so desire.

Sorry if the print is small, but I'm sure there's a way to expand the pictures on your computer. Happy reading! Until next time, may you reach the goals you set and learn the lessons in between.