Sunday, February 27, 2011

[me] Broke, Jobless, and Without A Care

So yeah, I'm gonna break character for a bit. Cry about it.

Because it's interesting.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

[fashion] Acknowledge Me

We like to wear something that another won't dare...check us out.

Strangely Beautiful

Beautiful Strange

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[me] Judgments

Ok I am ON FIRE right now, thus the topic of this rant. I haven't done this in a while, so give me a minute to dust off my shoes.

So I was talking to a friend today about musical preferences. She tried (and desperately failed) to convince me that Lady Gaga is original and deserves the extensive accolades she receives. So I addressed that claim as it should've been addressed, in 2 parts.

1) Lady Gaga is this generation's Madonna. Notice how I said "this generation"? That was intentional, because, unfortunately for me, Generation Y as a whole is significantly more superficial and lacks the attention span to dig deeper into ANYTHING, be it music, politics, or society. Lady Gaga's clothing choices and song lyrics cater to this type of individual. Now let's talk about this Madonna thing. Let me just say that I am NOT a Madonna fan. I don't love her voice or her style or her song lyrics, but I cannot deny the fact that Madonna is raw and Madonna is honest and Madonna has a purpose and a plan behind everything she does. I know Lady Gaga has spoken openly and often about how she's "doing it for the gays" but I have yet to see her do anything truly significant for the cause. Yes, she's had a lipstick for the MAC AIDS Fund that donated her profits, but Nicki Minaj has a lipstick at MAC. So let's not act like she's curing cancer here.
2) Lady Gaga's voice and song lyrics are nothing more than mediocre. A typical bridge in a Gaga tune goes something like this "Stop telephonin' me. I'm busy. Stop telephonin' me. Call all you want but there's no one home and you're not gonna reach my telephone. Out in the club and I'm sipping that bubb and you're not gonna reach my telephone." Prolific. Profound. I see why she has so many fans on Facebook (because that's the ultimate test of popularity/importance). Now to her voice. Yes, she can hit her notes, but they aren't amazing. She doesn't have an abnormally expansive range, as compared to Beyonce, P!nk, or Xtina. *

*Despite her rebuttal, I won this fight.

But now to our next point. A different friend is writing a story about a school official that is misunderstood, to say the least. Many students find the man rude and abrupt, but others don't like him simply because a) he is an authority figure and b) everyone else hates him. So I began reading a bit of her story on him, and somewhere between finding out about his 2 year old child who died in his arms of a virus and his devout faith in Christianity, I realized you can't judge a book by its cover. After understanding a little more about who he was and what he went through as a person, I couldn't help but feel for him. So if he wants to get adament with a couple of snarky teenagers who parade around the halls with a chip on their shoulders oblivious to reality, I approve of that. In fact, I wholeheartedly applaud him.

My "friend", beyond disagreeing with me, refused to acknowledge the validity of any of my points (which I absolutely HATE) and continued to express her hatred for him.

I don't care what happened, there is never a justified reason to hate anyBODY (hating an inanimate object like food is okay because neither the food nor you is hurt by the hatred). Beyond the fact that it's excessive, it only hurts the person doing the hating. And perhaps I care too much about people in general to let any one person, let alone a friend, do that to themselves. In essence, you cannot hurt anyone besides yourself when you use hate to express an emotion.

So now about judging. When is it appropriate, and when is it not? I believe that judging a person for the product they create is very different from judging the actual person. I can hate Lady Gaga, Madonna, and whoever else I please's MUSIC, because they are artists and can be judged on their art. I cannot say, however, that I hate Lady Gaga or Madonna as people because I've a) never met them, b) never got to know them, and c) cannot make an educated desicion about them without knowing everything about them, including their innermost thoughts and desires (which, as of now, is impossible.....for everyone but me, of course). Judging OTHERS only reflects on you, and if you do that consciously without remorse, you're absolutely pathetic. You're close-minded, shut off, and just plain screwed and I'd prefer not to associate with that hollow, black-hole of a person like you in the future.

Judging ain't so pretty when someone's doing it to you, eh? So stop.

Monday, February 14, 2011

[music/fashion] Because She Earned It...

Stay pressed, though! It's a good look.

"As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it." ~Albert Einstein

Thursday, February 10, 2011

[fashion/me] Lately

I think the style of these are tres-chic. Similar to Prada's collection of the same season, except of course, better.

It's official, I WANT THESE. But they're from a few seasons ago and I doubt anyone still has them :( aka I doubt that even if I find them I'll have enough money to even buy 1 shoe, let alone a pair!

What a life. I'm too fabulous for my own good, (un)fortunately.

I'm an open book, if you can understand me.
CamilleCamilleCamilleCamilleCamille - remember the name.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[fashion] Face

Unlimited access to the crystal ball, or so I'm told.

[fashion] This Is Love, I Tell You!

REAL LOVE. Here is Miu Miu, in photo d'jour.


Barbie pink, for the doll in all of us.

She died and went to shoe heaven. And yes, it smelled like lavender :)

Sorry about the caption! But hey, in case you didn't know what color this was...

Can't show you the side view, you might collapse from the heat.

For the days you want to skitter around a la Amy Winehouse!

So, in conclusion, this is Miu Miu. Made in Italy, as they should be.

In case you weren't sure I'm a diva, here's your concrete proof.

Get with it,

[music] Sometimes it Snows in April...

and sometimes it's Hotter Than July. Baby's first album review!

1. Did I Hear You Say You Love Me - 8/10. The song is upbeat and so absolutely fun that you can't help but bob your head.

2. All I Do - 10/10. What can I say? It's a classic. A beautiful, soft ballad with lyrics to match. If you don't have this on your iPod already, you're a fool.

3. Rocket Love - 10/10. I ADORE THIS SONG. One of my favorites on the album. It's slow enough to follow up All I Do, but approaches the concept of love in a different way. A very groovy track, and the chorus is genius. Effervescently lovely.

4. I Ain't Gonna Stand For It - 9/10. It's defiant and headstrong, your go-to "angry" song, but slowly changes your mood by the end of the song.

5. As If You Read My Mind - 7/10. Love the instrumentation, it's exciting, but the lyrics are a bit brooding if you listen closely. 

6. Master Blaster (Jammin') - 10/10. My true addiction. It's upbeat, uplifting, and makes you want to dance. There's a reason people continue to talk about this song.

7. Do Like You - 10/10. A song about dancing that makes you want to dance. The way he performs the lyrics, drawing out the last word's syllable, leaves you begging for more. And the chorus! The only reason for not clapping your hands through the chorus is if you don't have any.

8. Cash In Your Face - 8/10. I'm not sure what the lyrics are to this song, but it's so genuine that I don't even care. Something about getting a job, I suppose. Ah well, the guitar gets me.

9. Lately - 10/10. Passionate and heartfelt song about losing a lover. The delivery is better than Rihanna's "Unfaithful" and Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" (though I do like Adele's performance on her song). Same concept, but better and more original. Sorry ladies! (Kidding, I'm never sorry.)

10. Happy Birthday - 8/10. The funky version to sing the tune. Better than the ho-hum original. Which reminds me...

Game....blouses. Yeah I said it!

Camille :)

[fashion] DOCTOR!

^Prince reference.  100 points if you know the song!

Anyhow, everyday I oogle at this brand and every day I find yet another color of a pair I like. If these aren't on my feet in the next month I might go insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes I worry about how the style will mesh with what's in my closet though, so I look up tons of pictures of different ways to wear them to reassure myself. Below are my favorites.

Especially love the girl on the left.

The brown ones are really cool, and less harsh than the black ones I want. (I want the white ones too btw...)

Do you see this outfit? Fantastic. I need blue Docs...officially.

Would it be insane to ask for 4 pairs [edit: 5] of these for my birthday? Yeah, well life is crazy. Dream big!

Until next time....

ps- As I find new pictures that I like, I add them. So if you're checking on this post every once in a while, yes, I'm changing it. 2/15/11

Monday, February 7, 2011

[me] Momma May

"Camille, there's nothing you can do [about something that happened in the past].  But you're okay and that's the most important thing. I don't care about the car, the car doesn't matter. So take deep breaths because you need to calm down."

Life as it happens.

Are you listening?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

[fashion] Truth

Do you think you deserve a legitimate post? Don't answer that. It's not about you, it's about me.

Tralalalala. So let's discuss hair no?

1) Annalynne Mccord.

I have yet to talk about how much I choke over her in 90210! Love love love her. And I love her clothes and her crazy ferocious hair. Curly hair can do anything, I tell you.

Tres chic.
2) Jill Jones

I LOVE JILL JONES. Paisley Park obsession. 
Look familiar? IT BETTER!
Blonde hair, don't care.

3) Prince.

Yes, Prince. I honestly tried to find someone else whose hair I admired more than his. I gave myself a splitting headache (not really) before giving up.

And now, without further adieu, I will bring this post to a close. Because if I don't get some juice in my system within the next 45 seconds, I'm going to vomit. Just gonna tell it like it T-I-is.

My legs are tingling in an uncomfortable manner, DO YOU SEE HOW I SUFFER FOR YOU?

[music] Maybe Your Baby

I'm getting a kick out of this, by the way.

"I'm feelin down and some kind of lonely
Cause my baby done left me here
Heart's blazing like a five alarm fire
And I don't even give care

I feel like the world is turnin' on me
My dreams turnin' to ashes right in front of my face
And I'm gettin' kind of worried
And I feel so out of place

Maybe your baby done made some other plans
Maybe your baby done made some other plans

In the mornin' when I've got heartache
I can't call up the doctor for help
Cause the only person that could ever do me any good
Is steppin out with my best friend

I feel like I'm slippin' deeper
Slippin' deeper into myself
And I can't take it
This stuff is scarin' me to death

Maybe your baby done made some other plans
(Kinda makin' me worried)
Maybe your baby done made some other plans

Little Sally Walker, sittin' in a saucer
Checkin' out the guys that are passing by

Maybe your baby done made some other plans

Maybe your baby done made some other plans
Not including future plans
Maybe your baby done made some other plans
Maybe my baby done made some other plans with another man
Your baby, your baby, stupid baby, your baby
That you put so trust so much trust in your baby


By Stevie Wonder

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

[music] Mountains

"Once upon a time in a land called Fantasy
17 mountains stood so high
A sea surrounded them, and together they would be
The only thing that ever made you cry
U said the devil told you that another mountain would appear
Everytime somebody broke your heart
He said the sea would one day overflow with all your tears
And love will always leave you lonely

But I say it's only mountains and the sea
Love will conquer if you just believe
It's only mountains and the sea
There's nothing greater than you and me

Once upon a time in a haystack of despair
Happiness, sometimes hard to find there
Africa divided, hijack in the air
It's enough to make you wanna lose your mind

But I say it's only mountains and the sea
Love will conquer if you just believe
It's only mountains and the sea
There's nothing greater than you and me

Guitars and drums on the 1!

It's only mountains (oh yeah) and the sea (and the girls sing)
There's nothing greater than  you and me."

By Prince.